The Hakomi Method of Body-Centered Psychotherapy

The Hakomi Method is a blend of Buddhist and Taoist principles, with western psychotherapeutic techniques and works experientially with the body/mind/spirit. At it's most basic level, Hakomi is the therapeutic expression of a specific set of Principles: Unity; Mind/Body/Spirit Holism; Uniqueness of the Individual; Mindfulness; Non-violence; Truth and Change.

Through integrative counseling using the Hakomi method I can help you access "core material" which is composed of memories, images, beliefs, attitudes and deeply-held emotional dispositions. This material shapes the styles, habits, behaviors, perceptions and attitudes which define us as individuals and from which our responses to the major themes of life are organized.. Some of this core material supports our being who we wish to be, while some of it continues to limit us. Hakomi allows you to distinguish between the two, and to modify any material that restricts your wholeness.

To allow for the study of how your core material shapes your experience, we will establish and use a distinct state of consciousness called Mindfulness, which is characterized by a gentle and sustained inward focus of attention, heightened sensitivity and the ability to notice and name the contents of consciousness.