“Trager is very relaxing, very soothing. After a treatment I feel my bones are all aligned properly, my joints limber.”

C. Young, Victoria

“Trager is resulting in a sense of softening, not only in the body, but the mind too. A calming, gentle kind of wave-like dance or a soft breeze.”

M.D., Victoria

"The radiating of the divine light within you when you work does it's own little things. It moves right into the cellular structure where restructuring needs to be."

A. Kolb, Germany

“Last year I slipped spinal discs C5 & C4 while traveling and discovered via an MRI that these had protruded by 5mm causing great pain and serious immobility. Through Rae’s focused attention I was able to cancel scheduled spinal fusion surgery last fall. A subsequent MRI showed the discs had returned to their normal position and I have felt no discomfort since. The Trager work has contributed to a renewed understanding of my body and its sensitivities as well as a focus on broader healthy living. I am truly grateful for the work Rae has performed.”

B. H., Victoria

“Thank you for rocking me gently back home and to myself”

Linda Storey, Victoria

"Trager is an excellent, gentle form of bodywork that is useful for many different types of people."

Peter A. Levine PhD (Author ofWaking the Tiger: Healing Trauma and Developer of Somatic Experiencing ®)

“The unconscious mind of the body seems all-knowing and all-powerful and in some therapies can be harnessed for healing or change without the conscious mind ever figuring out what happened. ...many of the manipulative and energy-based therapies … are all examples of techniques that can be used to effect change at a level beneath consciousness.”

Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion and featured In the Film “What the Bleep do we Know!”